Hi, I'm Jason Davis

I create remarkable brands

Digital Marketing/
Content Strategist

I use marketing software married with WordPress to reach out to new customers and help Business Development teams forge new partnerships. Using Content Marketing & Blogging, Social Media and the latest Digital Marketing technologies and trends. I can do this in the most effective and current fashion. I love collaborative environments when it’s about helping the customer achieve their goals.

Some of my favorite things

DC Movies
Marvel Movies
Coffee Consumption

WordPress Developer/
SEO Strategist

I love building brands from the ground up, and defining them in every digital medium. I currently lead the web design and development team in developing brands through marketing. I also create custom WordPress Themes and Plugins as well as plan and execute a comprehensive on-page and off-page SEO strategy for customers. If you’re not a WordPress fan, that’s fine, let’s talk about what you have in mind to use.

UX Strategy and Analytics

Analytics can help to find where and who you are reaching most effectively. It’s possible to see geographic information and types of content people like to shape your strategy. I am tasked to strategically find new markets and avenues of revenue by examining and interpreting clean data daily. I do this with thorough research and planning to support account management and sales teams.