I Love
The Web

Let me take WordPress, web design, and a digital brand strategy and show you what they all can do when used together well.

I love taking a data-driven approach for web optimization of your web design project. Web optimization leverages user data to inform continuous changes to your site to increase traffic and potential new business.

If you have long term business goals, let’s talk.

I started building websites back in 2005, and by 2008 I was beginning my journey to build on a new platform (to me) at the time, WordPress.

WordPress powers 33% of sites online. Seeing a positive outcome from a well thought out web design project shows when you look months later at your user data. But that is only the beginning.


Some of my favorite things

DC Movies
Marvel Movies
Coffee Consumption


Custom WordPress Web Design & Development

I don’t just build custom WordPress themes and plugins. I’m a Digital Strategist, therefore I use multiple tools, and marketing channels to effectively transform businesses to gain brand awareness, and conversions.

I love building brands from the ground up and finding ways to make them shine brighter.

Data-driven web design process

Analytics can help you find where, and who, you are reaching the most. Therefore making it possible to also see geographical information. As well as the types of content people read.

Using these metrics, you can tailor a content strategy to improve your presence online. Thus keeping your brand relevant and current.


Is King?

Content strategy & optimization

Content is still king, but quality is queen. I’ve created podcasts, inbound marketing strategies, WordPress tutorial videos, and SEO optimized blog articles.

I can show you what content people are engaging you with, and using data, help you build a website that converts those leads.

If people can clearly understand your message, they will be much more likely to  purchase what you are selling.

Some businesses I’ve worked with, still using my theme or plugins

Schiller Hardware WordPress Website Design

DDW WordPress Website Design

Beneke Wire Louisville WordPress Website Design

Lapband of Louisville WordPress Website Design


Time flies when you are having fun.

In the span of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I’ve helped businesses become better by consulting on their infrastructures, processes, and developing their branding online in every medium.

I love the web, and I want you to love it too.