Hi, I'm Jason Davis

I live in Louisville providing web design, marketing consulting, and SEO services. But I work everywhere and have clients on both sides of the Mississippi.

WordPress Developer &
Web Designer

Based in Louisville I began as a Web Designer, WordPress Developer, and Search Engine Optimization agency. I love the web and discovering ways to digitally promote businesses. Thus helping businesses forge new partnerships. For 10 years I’ve been working in and leading teams in agencies. Creating content marketing strategies to grow their customer bases.

Some of my favorite things

DC Movies
Marvel Movies
Coffee Consumption

I don’t manage hours;
I manage results.

WordPress Web Design &

I love building brands from the ground up, and defining them in every digital medium. I’ve built custom WordPress Themes and Plugins for many brands. I use strategic planning and execution of comprehensive on-page and off-page search engine optimization strategies to deliver the best online results.

Content Strategy &
Search Engine Optimization

Analytics can help you find where, and who, you are reaching the most. It’s possible to also see geographical information. As well as see the types of content people like. Using these metrics I can tailor a content strategy to improve your presence online. This keeps your brand relevant and up-to-date in a constantly changing market.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is not dead. I’ve created podcasts, inbound marketing strategies, WordPress tutorial videos, and SEO optimized blog articles. As well as guiding teams for creating marketing collateral for print campaigns combined with digital marketing initiatives.

Some companies I’ve worked with using my theme and plugins

Uptown Cafe Louisville | Digital Marketing | Search Engine Optimization

Beneke Wire Company | Digital Marketing | Search Engine Optimization

Yang Kee Noodle Louisville | Digital Marketing | Search Engine Optimization

I’ve Been In The Design Industry With 10 Years Of Experience

If people can clearly understand your message, they will be much more likely to  purchase what you are selling. I would love to talk to you about your business. Thus devise a custom strategy that works.