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Design can lead to better experiences for users when thought out before you begin coding.

Therefore it can deliver better results for businesses that are focused on their customers.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a process to increase the amount of visitors to a website, and conversions. It removes road blocks for your users on your site, and places focus on results, not campaigns.

Growth-Driven Design - Jason Davis

It’s all about…

Growth-Driven Design | Jason Davis Louisville, KY

the Bat man… see what I did?

Growth-Driven Design
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In the late winter of 2008 I started my own company providing custom web design, WordPress development, and branding. In the fall of 2014 it was acquired and is now under new ownership and a new name.

I spend time still building awesome websites, consulting on business process management, online marketing, website development strategy, content development, and product management.

Whew! Yes, I do a lot. Happens when you’ve been around since the early 2000’s.

A Better
Way To

If you’ve had a bad experience with your last web design project, give this model a try.

I love building brands through every medium and seeing them grow. But it starts with your website, where all your user data can be collected to better determine what your next move is.

WordPress Web Design Louisville


In the beginning of the first 10-14 days we set goals, understand user behavior. Thus solve design problems, and connect with customers.

Launch Pad

For the next 60-90 days at this stage, we focus on improvements and how to get results faster. This is based on data observed.

14 Day Sprints

As your business grows and evolves, data-driven optimizations result in a peak performance website.

Why “I am Jason Davis?”

It’s not narcissism, I swear.

But rooted in the fact there are a lot of Jason Davis’s out there.

Google-ing my name has results in all kinds of things. I picked I am Jason Davis because my favorite Marvel Movie is Guardians of the Galaxy, and I love Groot who always says, “I am Groot.”

The colors of my site are based on Star Wars, the red and blue light sabers blended together.

Why pictures of me with Batman? Because as far as comics, that’s my preference. Maybe one day I’ll get that DC Movie I’ve always wanted.

What can I add, I am Jason Davis, and I am a nerd.