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About Me

My name is Jason Davis. Welcome to my personal website. Currently as a Web Services Manager at a local firm. While I love what I do, I’m always looking for something to sink my creative teeth into. Whether it’s web design, WordPress Development, Content Development, or Creative Marketing. I love the web. And I hope I can inspire you to love it too.

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My name is Jason Davis and I’ve been developing and designing websites on WordPress since 2008. I’ve created a theme I named Molecule. It has been used to  boost businesses. I love building brands and creating compelling content to rise them to the top.

WordPress Louisville | WordPress Managed Website Hosting | blog management
Digital Marketing | Web Design | Search Engine Optimization
Digital Marketing | Web Design | Search Engine Optimization

First there was Capstone Creations

I started my own company doing custom web design. As well as WordPress development and branding in 2008. It was called Capstone Creations. In the fall of 2014 it was acquired. It is now known as Element 502 and under new ownership. I still spend time crafting custom designed websites on the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). As well as consulting with agencies and business owners on their online strategies building their brands.

My WordPress Theme

Molecule is not found on WordPress. But you can find it on Github. Development centered around performing with page builder plugins and marketing software. Unlike commercial themes Molecule is a canvas theme. Therefore all extra functionality comes from plugins. As themes should do. Thus making Molecule scalable as well as conflict free. From the plugins that are the best quality.

If you would like to see a demo of Molecule you are on it. This site and all WordPress website projects I work on are built on Molecule. The Molecule theme is stable. And is ready for the Gutenberg Editor. Arriving in WordPress 5.0. Thus changing how the content editor looks and works in WordPress.

I love providing businesses with Custom Web Design, WordPress Development. As well as Brand Expertise and Content Strategy. I have worked in digital marketing, web design, and with WordPress since 2008.