Instagram Declining and the Rise of… TikTok?

If you Google “Instagram Declining” you’ll discover a new topic starting. This happens it seems every few years. One thing declines as another potential replacement arrives. I was asked recently about how to increase followers on Instagram, and myself thought, why? It’s declining right? Well, hold on. Is Instagram Declining? According to search engine journal … Continue reading “Instagram Declining and the Rise of… TikTok?”

Long Form Content – A Simple SEO Strategy

So how do you get Google to like your website content for a set of keywords? Well, one way that is just starting, and looking into Long Form Content. Get to writing Long Form Content! Start with the topic cluster approach. It’s the idea of creating content that points users toward a page that has more … Continue reading “Long Form Content – A Simple SEO Strategy”

Iterative Web Design

Iterative web design is growing as a new method for how a website performs for businesses. Especially with how potential, and existing, customers interact online with their brand. When someone asks, “how much does a website cost?” I tend to get the chills because it’s never a finished project. Websites are your 24/7/365 employee that … Continue reading “Iterative Web Design”

The Most Profound Thing I’ve Heard

There are a lot of lessons in life, and over the last 10 years I’ve learned a few, and still grind on others. No matter what decisions we make, we end up somewhere. Our best intentions are irrelevant. The profound thing I’ve heard: Direction – not intention – Determines Destination Profoundly simply and simply profound. … Continue reading “The Most Profound Thing I’ve Heard”

How Much Does A Website Cost?

It’s a common question, that a lot of bloggers have answered, but I still get asked. So Here’s my answer on how much a website costs. What is a conversion worth to you? If I build you a website and in 3 months you get 2 phone calls that lead to new business, then half … Continue reading “How Much Does A Website Cost?”