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Will Gutenberg break WordPress themes?

Will Gutenberg break WordPress themes? The answer is not necessarily. As long as you don’t switch to the classic editor if your theme uses a page builder. Once you switch from the page builder while in the editor you may find it impossible to switch back to the page builder again. And in some cases … Continue reading “Will Gutenberg break WordPress themes?”

14 SEO Content Strategy Tips

Choosing keywords with strong commercial intent is paramount for a good SEO Content strategy. Commercial intent is the likelihood that someone searching for a given keyword will buy from you. For example, someone searching for premium yoga courses has a much higher commercial intent than someone searching for free yoga videos. Fortunately, you can easily … Continue reading “14 SEO Content Strategy Tips”

How I approach a web design project

Over the years of doing web design I’ve seen many practices and methods to approach a web design project as a professional. Your website is never just a website. Web design is more than just a “design process.” It’s a combination of different practices that include the production and maintenance of websites. I’m the type … Continue reading “How I approach a web design project”

Video Game Superheroes – Nerd Brand

In this episode of Nerd Brand we discuss Deadpool marketing strategy. And how it made a $58 million dollar movie into $745.7 million worldwide. As well as video game superheroes. We also bring up the brilliant strategy on Facebook that Arby’s has been implementing. Furthermore in this episode two of the Nerd Brand this week we’re … Continue reading “Video Game Superheroes – Nerd Brand”

Event Marketing Checklist – Create an Outstanding Experience

Every company should have an event marketing checklist for planning your company event. By following a plan you won’t make costly missteps that could lead to PR problems. Planning should begin about two months prior and that is probably pushing the limits of a schedule. The location needs to be scoped out to ensure visiblity … Continue reading “Event Marketing Checklist – Create an Outstanding Experience”