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Creating a PPC Campaign

A typical campaign example can be ads, Google banner or text ads, landing page, a form or other call to action, finally a confirmation page or email. A breakdown of what can be involved in a full PPC campaign for SEM: What is your goal or objective for your campaign?  Increasing traffic – The great … Continue reading “Creating a PPC Campaign”

WordPress 5.0 update for 2019

There’s a lot of discussion about the latest version of WordPress since arriving last year. WordPress 5.0 contains the biggest change (not just an update) since it began in 2003 with the new Gutenberg editor. You can still use the classic editor as a plugin for the next year so there is some comfort in … Continue reading “WordPress 5.0 update for 2019”

How the search engine works

One question that is not asked much is how the search engine works when it comes to results. When you are searching online for you, or your business, you have to understand Google tracks everything! Google does this to not be creepy, maybe a little, but Google wants to give you the best results. It’s … Continue reading “How the search engine works”

Will Gutenberg break WordPress themes?

Will Gutenberg break WordPress themes? The answer is not necessarily. As long as you don’t switch to the classic editor if your theme uses a page builder. Once you switch from the page builder while in the editor you may find it impossible to switch back to the page builder again. And in some cases … Continue reading “Will Gutenberg break WordPress themes?”

14 SEO Content Strategy Tips

Choosing keywords with strong commercial intent is paramount for a good SEO Content strategy. Commercial intent is the likelihood that someone searching for a given keyword will buy from you. For example, someone searching for premium yoga courses has a much higher commercial intent than someone searching for free yoga videos. Fortunately, you can easily … Continue reading “14 SEO Content Strategy Tips”