How to get more web design clients

Every agency asks how to get more web design clients. But there’s a few reasons to examine why you’re not getting the customers you want. As well as enough work for your agencies designers. Do Great Work Doing great work goes with taking your time to think about design. Design is not bottled, and your … Continue reading “How to get more web design clients”

Take your time at work and gain the advantage

Making a gourmet meal takes time. But if you just want the pop-tart experience, you’ll find your opportunities limited. Take your time at work to perform the best. Taking your time in a society that wants it now places you in a difficult position. The bar will continue to raise expectations until you break.  But … Continue reading “Take your time at work and gain the advantage”

What is in a marketing retainer?

A marketing retainer can include various different services depending on your needs. Capabilities and experience are how agencies are judged. As well as it’s staff of marketers and successful campaigns. Here is a summary of marketing services that are typically included in a marketing retainer. Although not exhaustive. Media Planning and Management Media planning involves … Continue reading “What is in a marketing retainer?”

10 ways to gain respect as a leader

Unfortunately, there is no step-by-step method for ways to gain respect in a leadership role. But there are things as a leader to build it over time. Many leaders overlook areas that require your attention. Small gestures that get big reactions from staff. I used to hear all the time when in school that everything … Continue reading “10 ways to gain respect as a leader”

Reasons Agencies Lose Clients

Results matter in the advertising business. Reasons agencies lose clients vary from poor internal communication, account management issues, and improper expectations set at the beginning of the relationship. But often there are other factors that cause an agency to fail that move past cash flow problems. Here’s some reasons agencies lose clients. Bad Performance or … Continue reading “Reasons Agencies Lose Clients”