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Basic Business Strategy For Customer Aquisition

There are a lot of people out there selling a basic business strategy online. In the hustle of today’s marketing culture the main focus everyone has is to get more customers. But not taking the time to think about what kind or who they are already successfully selling to can cause a major loss of … Continue reading “Basic Business Strategy For Customer Aquisition”

How Branding Influences Us

Several years ago Facebook pages were called “Fan” pages. Each person that liked your page, was a fan. Though confusing for some, for marketing it was a great way to look at people that love your brand. Additionally, its a great way to see how branding influences us. You see, fandom is a real thing, … Continue reading “How Branding Influences Us”

Consistency In Your Branding

Consistency in your branding is not just a cool buzzword. It safeguards customers trust. When consistency in your branding doesn’t occur, you brand starts becoming associated with poor quality. Consistency in your branding is so important to your overall appearance. It increases in importance when you begin to share and publish across the web. It’s … Continue reading “Consistency In Your Branding”