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Know your target audience

We’ve heard “know your target audience” for years in marketing and sales. But not many are really looking at the audience they sell to very well. In fact most do not have the proper tools to do so. Knowing your audience is difficult because it requires saying no to opportunities more than saying yes. This … Continue reading “Know your target audience”

4 Ways to increase employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction isn’t always the top of mind for companies. Creating more room for fixing revenue leaks sometimes gets more attention. This leaves behind your people that are helping you get to your goals. I’m not a HR person, but I have been a business owner, employee, and consultant for businesses. I’ve seen a lot … Continue reading “4 Ways to increase employee satisfaction”

Take your time at work and gain the advantage

Making a gourmet meal takes time. But if you just want the pop-tart experience, you’ll find your opportunities limited. Take your time at work to perform the best. Taking your time in a society that wants it now places you in a difficult position. The bar will continue to raise expectations until you break.  But … Continue reading “Take your time at work and gain the advantage”

10 ways to gain respect as a leader

Unfortunately, there is no step-by-step method for ways to gain respect in a leadership role. But there are things as a leader to build it over time. Many leaders overlook areas that require your attention. Small gestures that get big reactions from staff. I used to hear all the time when in school that everything … Continue reading “10 ways to gain respect as a leader”

A Work Creed

A while ago I was surfing the internet and came across something that most places I’ve worked at don’t have – a work creed. I remember a good one that an organization used for eight years. Unity and humility. So simple. But sometimes you need something more fleshed out. I hope you can use the … Continue reading “A Work Creed”