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Creative Blogging

Creative Blogging is a form of creative writing if done well. It’s expressive as much as a design created with Illustrator or other program. But it also has to be useful and fresh. When creative blogging or thinking about how to reach your audience it’s important to think about the following: Keywords One Blogging tip … Continue reading “Creative Blogging”

Facebook Impressions Bug

A revision to Facebook’s algorithm deals with Facebook Impressions. Yet, they recently they allowed certain pages thru to your feed. This change depends on interactions and the pages content being interesting. Now there is a bug with Facebook Impressions and reporting. From Facebook: Additionally, we’re making an improvement to Page organic reach to match what … Continue reading “Facebook Impressions Bug”

Custom Facebook Audiences

Custom Audiences enables you to connect with your most valuable Facebook audiences. This is a targeting capability to reach existing customers and prospects. Not new ones. Custom Facebook Audiences target a particular group of your customers. Use what you already know about them. Thus tailoring your messaging to personalize the experience and encourage action. Segments … Continue reading “Custom Facebook Audiences”

Facebook Brand Pages Feed Update

Another change to Facebook’s news feed algorithm is arriving. More of the fallout from the “fake news” we saw from the past election towards business pages. But if you look through a non-cynical view, it’s more about connecting people to people. Not inanimate brands to people for the “sale.” The potential removal of publisher posts … Continue reading “Facebook Brand Pages Feed Update”

Google vs Amazon

Mobile advertising is crowding the internet with online ads. And the biggest giants are using their space to serve ads to get shoppers. When you hear the name Google it’s reasonable to hear SEO or Search. Products are on Google for online shoppers to look for that gift for their family or friends. But Google’s … Continue reading “Google vs Amazon”