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Creating a PPC Campaign

A typical campaign example can be ads, Google banner or text ads, landing page, a form or other call to action, finally a confirmation page or email. A breakdown of what can be involved in a full PPC campaign for SEM: What is your goal or objective for your campaign?  Increasing traffic – The great … Continue reading “Creating a PPC Campaign”

Event Marketing Checklist – Create an Outstanding Experience

Every company should have an event marketing checklist for planning your company event. By following a plan you won’t make costly missteps that could lead to PR problems. Planning should begin about two months prior and that is probably pushing the limits of a schedule. The location needs to be scoped out to ensure visiblity … Continue reading “Event Marketing Checklist – Create an Outstanding Experience”

How The Facebook Newsfeed Works

The Facebook Newsfeed has updated it’s algorithm to fight harmful content. If you violate Facebook community standards then they remove your content. Facebook enforces Ads policies using Artificial Intelligence and Human review. This prevents false advertising and claims that are misleading. Facebook’s algorithm uses ranking signals to judge if posts are untrustworthy. Or if a post generates … Continue reading “How The Facebook Newsfeed Works”

Creative Blogging And How To Get More Readers

Creative Blogging is a form of creative writing if done well. It’s expressive as much as a design created with Illustrator or other program. But it also has to be useful and fresh. When creative blogging or thinking about how to reach your audience it’s important to think about the following: Keywords One Blogging tip … Continue reading “Creative Blogging And How To Get More Readers”

Create Custom Facebook Audiences

Custom Audiences enables you to connect with your most valuable Facebook audiences. This is a targeting capability to reach existing customers and prospects. Not new ones. Custom Facebook Audiences target a particular group of your customers. Use what you already know about them. Thus tailoring your messaging to personalize the experience and encourage action. Segments … Continue reading “Create Custom Facebook Audiences”