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Advanced Custom Fields Plugin

I actually quit using this Advanced Custom Fields Plugin years ago due to the limitations it had when updating and support. Custom fields are useful when you need extra data to show on your pages, post or custom post types. The biggest thing with ACF plugin is if you use it, you are dependent on … Continue reading “Advanced Custom Fields Plugin”

Websites Built On WordPress

A post on the latest evolution and progress of WordPress as a open source project and domination in CMS in the market. As well as what websites built on WordPress are using it to power their websites. Additionally WooCommerce is the eCommerce technology of choice for 29% of eCommerce websites across the entire internet. Source: BuiltWith: Ecommerce … Continue reading “Websites Built On WordPress”

WordPress “Display Widgets” Plugin Purged

The Display Widgets plugin in its day was the plugin of choice to manage your sidebars. If you had sidebars on your theme, you may want only 3 widgets shown on your about page. Then you want these “other” 3 shown only on your blog. With this plugin it could do that. Even though with … Continue reading “WordPress “Display Widgets” Plugin Purged”

WordPress Security Team – WordCamp 2017

In WordPress security is very taken seriously. Over 30% of websites using WordPress there is a security team and those that are watching reports. It’s important however to remember that no security is absolute. My reason for defending WordPress security? All software needs ongoing support against cyber threats to it’s users. Check the last time … Continue reading “WordPress Security Team – WordCamp 2017”

CSS In WordPress

Writing CSS in WordPress isn’t much different that for a static HTML site. The main difference is being familiar with how WordPress dynamically outputs classes and why. There’s a saying that I like about CSS and writing code for websites. Make it classy. For example, if you style a widget, using the ID of the … Continue reading “CSS In WordPress”