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8 Interesting WordPress Stats

If you use WordPress that’s awesome. But did you know any of these WordPress stats? WordPress has been around since 2003. It’s open source but it’s run by Automattic and the WordPress developers that contribute to it are all over the world. They are in almost every country and in businesses from web design firms … Continue reading “8 Interesting WordPress Stats”

GDPR Cookies Consent: The Real Story.

Have you gotten tired yet of seeing these consent to cookies? I know I have. But there are a lot of common myths about the GDPR cookies consent. If you need help creating a cookie consent policy for GDPR it’s easy thanks to resources like iubenda.com. With resources like this it makes it much easier to become … Continue reading “GDPR Cookies Consent: The Real Story.”

Free WordPress Tutorial Videos

There are a lot of WordPress Tutorial Videos out there. I wanted to create some that were pretty basic and under one minute. The WordPress Minute tutorial series is provided by me (Jason Davis) for Element 502. WordPress Tutorial Videos in this series Logging Into WordPress WordPress Password Recovery Author Bio Box In WordPress User Profiles … Continue reading “Free WordPress Tutorial Videos”

WordPress GDPR Compliance

I’m sure you’ve seen the news or alerts about WordPress GDPR compliance. This is in relation about websites handling user data privacy. If you are using the web you’ve seen those notifications about cookies appearing on your favorite websites. If you are a business that operates in the United States, and has a website that … Continue reading “WordPress GDPR Compliance”

Advanced Custom Fields Plugin And Why I Quit Using It

I actually quit using this Advanced Custom Fields Plugin years ago due to the limitations it had when updating and support. Custom fields are useful when you need extra data to show on your pages, post or custom post types. The biggest thing with ACF plugin is if you use it, you are dependent on … Continue reading “Advanced Custom Fields Plugin And Why I Quit Using It”