Consistency In Your Branding

Consistency In Your Branding

Consistency in your branding is not just a cool buzzword. It safeguards customers trust. When consistency in your branding doesn’t occur, you brand starts becoming associated with poor quality.

Consistency in your branding is so important to your overall appearance. It increases in importance when you begin to share and publish across the web. It’s fine to have multiple variations of your logo, just not so variant that your logo is unrecognizable.

Social Channels

Social at its core is carrying on a conversation with someone. It has become a pay-to-play area for advertising and messaging. Consistency in your branding in where you share is as important as what and how often.


At the end of the day, all of this comes down to making sure you are aware of how your brand is engaged online and offline. Here’s how to check consistency in your branding. Pick a time and place and collect all your printed pieces (business cards, brochures, etc.). Then, lay all your materials on the table. It will become clear immediately what pieces are not consistent with message, color, or even your logo. You can do the digital version of this too. Start with screen captures and print them out. What pieces do not match?


I've built brands and created online experiences since I started my own company in 2008 called Capstone Creations. Today I help business owners develop strategies that are geared for growth and conversion optimization using WordPress website development and design. I love digital strategy. If it's in advertising, I love participating building teams and guiding companies to discovering new avenues of revenue.

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