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Custom WordPress Websites

Custom WordPress Websites
Designed For Lead Acquisition

I’m a web developer that enjoys creating Custom WordPress Websites. I have been coding and doing custom web development for WordPress since 2008. Contact me and I’ll deliver a custom web design that generates leads. As well as being your marketing hub for an awesome monthly price. I will update your content for you, do some graphic design work, and even find new plugins for you. I’ll even help you optimize your pages for better SEO performance.

Search Engine Optimization

Transforming the old to the new

Beneke Wire Company
Beneke Wire Company Old Website
Beneke Wire Company Custom WordPress Websites
Beneke Wire Company New Custom WordPress Websites
Woodhaven Country Club Old Website
Woodhaven Country Club Old Website
Woodhaven Country Club Custom WordPress Websites | Web Design Louisville
Woodhaven Country Club New Website

Managed WordPress Services

This is a retainer based service I offer to my customers. It includes taking care and maintaining your website for you. I’ll update and add content that you provide. Website backups and daily database backups are included with my managed services. All websites are hardened and secured against online attacks.

Plugins and theme updates included as well. If you are outside my hosting environment I cannot control this, but we can still work together.

I'll take care of your website so you can focus on your business making me your webmaster.

What I need from you

  • Your business name and URL
  • An Administrator WordPress username and password
  • Hosting provider username and password
  • Subscription to my services
  • Done!