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A customizable eCommerce
platform for building your
online store.

I have built eCommerce websites with WooCommerce before WordPress acquired it. With WooCommerce you can sell online any product. With more function you can have it to do things like send shoppers an email if they abandon their cart. Track and invoice orders. Collect payment using PayPal, or more.

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Some eCommerce Stores I've Built

I’ve built stores online to sell products to B2B or B2C. It’s even possible to do subscription payments. As well as digital downloads and quote based stores. I strongly recommend for stores with a lot of SKU’s or digital downloads to set up a CNAME. For example: ( This keeps traffic separate from the main site depending upon your hosting solution.

Red Hill Cutlery eCommerce websites
Red Hill Cutlery eCommerce Store
Liquid Integrity Website Retainer Service
Liquid Integrity eCommerce

WordPress eCommerce websites

Extensions for WooCommerce are an extra charge. Therefore included in cost of building the store it will be extra. Extension renewals are billed annually or monthly. Let me help you start selling with eCommerce by WordPress.