Free WordPress Tutorial Videos

Free WordPress Tutorial Videos

There are a lot of WordPress Tutorial Videos out there. I wanted to create some that were pretty basic and under one minute. The WordPress Minute tutorial series is provided by me (Jason Davis) for Element 502.

WordPress Tutorial Videos in this series

  • Logging Into WordPress
  • WordPress Password Recovery
  • Author Bio Box In WordPress
  • User Profiles Options
  • Editing Your User Profile
  • WordPress Security
  • WordPress Admin Bar
  • Create A Post And Edit An Image
  • Edit A Page In WordPress
  • Categories and Tags in WordPress
  • WordPress Comments
  • Menus
  • Customizer
  • The WordPress Media Library

From the first video “Logging into WordPress” we’re going to talk about how to log into WordPress. Go to your WordPress website and at the end of your URL add /wp-admin or /login. Here you’ll find yourself at the login page. Type in your username, this is case sensitive, or you can use your email address. Then type your password which is also case sensitive. Now you will find yourself on the WordPress dashboard.

This is a free WordPress Tutorial Video series. If you are not familiar with WordPress I assure you as with any software it’s easy to learn. WordPress powers over 30% of websites on the internet and has millions of downloads. There are popular sites such as The New York Times, Washington Post, Walt Disney Company, and more using it to power their brand online. If you are interested in using the most popular CMS on the market to power you brand, contact me below. I’m more than happy to discuss with you for free for one hour about your site and review your brand.

If you liked it and want more WP Minute Tut videos, please share this and leave me a comment below. I hope to create more content on this site in the future, but only the kind my readers love.

I’ve been developing and designing websites on WordPress since 2008. I’ve created a theme I named Molecule, that has been used to creatively, and successfully to boost businesses to the level they need to get to. I love building brands and creating compelling content to rise them to the top.

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