How to get more web design clients

How to get more web design clients

Every agency asks how to get more web design clients. But there’s a few reasons to examine why you’re not getting the customers you want. As well as enough work for your agencies designers.

Do Great Work

Doing great work goes with taking your time to think about design. Design is not bottled, and your designers cannot work under stress, and in a vacuum.

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Help your designers create by making an environment that encourages radical ideas, and real innovation. Not the mere thought or saying that you are.

There’s a reason for weird things

In agencies you’ll find strange things from bean bag chairs to slides in place of stairs. It’s not because people at agencies are goofing off.

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Ad agencies don’t work like other businesses. If you want a eye catching ad or campaign to advertise your business, you need people that work, and play outside the norm.

If you’re an agency and your designers are not particularly happy then inspect your spaces. Change the workplace environment. Bring on the ping pong tables and let the light in.

Work On Referrals

Bad web design clients refer other bad ones. So pick who you work with very carefully. Types of customers are valuable to your businesses health and can dictate the outcome of your future endeavors.

Find ways to not “sell” but help your prospects, even beyond website. One especially unique thing you can do is change the relationship, and refer to the new customer as a “partner” that way you are not leaving them to feel like another number.

Don’t Disregard Print

I know it’s digital marketing and web design. However, make business cards that stand out to reflect the creativity of your designs and style. Don’t apologize for your style. If they don’t like your style, then they are not your customer.

Specialize in a industry

One of things that helped me was to specialize in a industry, and on a specific platform, WordPress. By specializing I could better predict costs and determine what it would take to design and build a project.

Find an industry that you are interested in, and that way you know the demographics and what it takes to design a website in that arena. Some specialize in the IT industry, others I’ve seen make good money designing for websites in the healthcare industry.

Advertise Yourself

Both of these are crucial to acquiring new web design clients and exciting opportunities. I worked at an agency once that was small, as I do, and it never gave marketing a budget to advertise on Google, Facebook, or other channel.

Advertising is how you are going to get from A to B. Without taking a risk and spending the money upfront, you will never know if you could have gotten that project that kick starts your career.

Update Your Portfolio

Having an updated portfolio is critical to gain new projects. Hopefully you have current projects posted to it. If not, then it’s time to get busy! I’ve hired and contracted developers and designers for years. One of the most important things I include in my decision, is their portfolio.

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Design trends change, therefore spotting dated looking portfolios stand out.

Find other designers

Networking with other designers that have web design clients helps as well. Remember referrals? The best come from those that are in your field of expertise too. Every website needs content, images, video, and other things to be successful.

Connect with photographers, graphic designers, and videographers to grow your customer base. Not only are current customers your Partners, but so are your vendors.

Work with other agencies

Every agency has overflow and needs extra hands managing web design clients. SO reach out to them and see if they have a need for another designer for a project they are working on.

Thinking like an island will not open doors and leave you alone struggling harder to make a buck.

I have been doing web design since 2008, and developing sites like mine on WordPress since then as well. I’d love to hear in the comments about how you go about getting more clients. Also, I’m for hire for projects, even I need a little extra for that birthday money.

I've built brands and created online experiences since I started my own company in 2008 called Capstone Creations. Today I help business owners develop strategies that are geared for growth and conversion optimization using WordPress website development and design. I love digital strategy. If it's in advertising, I love participating building teams and guiding companies to discovering new avenues of revenue.

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