Marketing a Superhero Movie – Nerd Brand

Marketing a Superhero Movie – Nerd Brand

Episode 01 – Marketing a Superhero Movie. Brandon Jones has been a friend since 2014 for me. It’s Nerd Brand a marketing podcast at the time sponsored by Element 502. This is our inaugural episode.

In 2016 we got together and decided to create a podcast called Nerd Brand. Nerd Brand is a podcast about how the nerd culture has transformed our society. Therefore becoming the culture.

nerd brand podcast marketing a superhero movie

We don’t review movies or videos games. That’s been done. We discuss how the branding of the nerd entertainment industry markets itself. Have you ever wondered what the marketing strategy behind movie studios advertise are? Well we talk about that and share our favorites and more here.

Nerd is now a brand appropriated by many industries. Businesses use nerd culture attracts customers. Therefore earning online trust. Most of this episode and entire podcast is informational and entertaining. The main topic for this episode is marketing a superhero movie. But first “tales from marketing.” Which is our horror stories we’ve experienced in advertising. As well as read about from the marketing industry itself about terrible ideas people have had.

It’s not only a logo

From there we move on to who has create rights for IP’s that exist. For example Spiderman is owned by Sony. Yet it is a Marvel Comics character. Listen at how we criticize the Spiderman: Homecoming Logo for the latest movie. Do you think it was inline with the other Marvel logos? What about the DC comics logo? It came out around the same time as Spiderman: Homecoming logo.

DC Comics logo works well as a icon or small print logo. However, on a large movie screen it doesn’t come off as strong as the old logo. What do you think about how Marvel and DC handle their branding? Check out this link to see how DC logo has evolved to see what we mean in the discussion below.

Enjoy episode one we recorded in 2016 below.


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