I specialize in specific forms of business development, web design, advertising, marketing, and creative work.

I love helping business owners become more educated and discover solutions in advertising. I also provide affordable custom WordPress Web Design, Digital Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization services. My portfolio covers only a fraction of the projects I’ve done, or have contributed to.

Why Work With Me?

When I discuss your ideas I am the one that actually works on them. Therefore it’s more personal and tailored to your needs. Without the larger overhead of a bigger firm, those costs aren’t being passed on to you.

Faster turnaround

I do not take on more projects I cannot comfortably handle. Thus you don’t get lost in the shuffle of jobs. Therefore I can specialize in a niche and take on project-based estimates.

Some more kind people that I’ve done work for and are using my WordPress theme. I also designed and developed many of these websites.

Schiller Hardware WordPress Website Design

DDW WordPress Website Design

Bittners WordPress Website Design

Lapband of Louisville WordPress Website Design

Beneke Wire Louisville WordPress Website Design

Uptown Cafe Louisville

Renessence Hair online store WordPress Shop

Baker Commercial Real Estate Louisville and New Albany

I’ve Been In The Advertising Industry 10 Years

If people can clearly understand your message, they will be much more likely to  purchase what you are selling. I’ve helped agencies become better by working on their infrastructures, processes, and developing team workflows. I’ve even consulted on business development helping businesses find ways to increase revenue streams.