Bittners Inc

Project Summary

Bittners needed a new website to reflect their updated brand. Bittners has over 165 years of experience in interior design and furniture making. Their customers span the country from in New York, California, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Texas, and Kentucky. As well as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Nantucket.

Bittners Logo
Bittners Logo

165 years of design

That’s a long time to be in the field of design creating beautiful visions for customers. Bittners is a very high scale firm. Their new site did not need strong SEO, marketing, or page performance. The Bittners brand is all about the look. Customers find them by name alone due to their reputation for quality design and craftsmanship.


The old website absolutely did not reflect their talent to design and create unique spaces. The vision of Bittners was specific, and the old website was over 10 years old. Development with a design team was needed immediately. Thus was a great project for me, and to this day it still holds up.

The Solution

After meeting with Bitterns team, I began with the designer to mockup a layout that would show off their inspiring work. This website build was made for portfolio use. It’s not a brochure site alone. Bittners team has a particular view of how their brand is represented. Therefore all types of content were used from rish graphic, images, and video.

I’ve been developing and designing websites on WordPress since 2008. I’ve created a theme I named Molecule, that has been used to creatively, and successfully to boost businesses to the level they need to get to. I love building brands and creating compelling content to rise them to the top.