Louisville, KY

Uptown Cafe Louisville

Uptown Cafe Louisville is located on Bardstown Road in the Highlands. They have a outdoor patio for dining. Or you can enjoy their amazing interior. In addition the restaurant is in a aesthetic pleasing location. With an excellent atmosphere.

Uptown Cafe’s old website did not meet their needs to update content. It did not help to create brand awareness for their local business. The current site was outdated, and built on a old version of WordPress with an outdated theme.

Uptown Cafe Louisville
Uptown Cafe Louisville

Discovery & Design

The website needed the ability for users to reserve tables. As well as view the menu online for prices. Therefore we focused on readability for the menu. And used a reliable plugin from Open Table for the reservations. Thus allowing us to cut cost of development and deliver a website that was affordable and easy to manage.

Working with Uptown Cafe, our designers developed mockups that were easy to understand. After approval we began coding and implementing the new website strategy.

Thus we focused on the mobile design we increased their visibility online in search. The agency also aids the owners in showing off their new dishes.

I’ve been developing and designing websites on WordPress since 2008. I’ve created a theme I named Molecule, that has been used to creatively, and successfully to boost businesses to the level they need to get to. I love building brands and creating compelling content to rise them to the top.