Woodhaven Country Club

Project Summary

First of all Woodhaven Country Club is located centrally in Louisville, KY. Woodhaven has been family owned and operated for over 60 years. They pride themselves on being the friendliest country club in Louisville and pamper loyal members daily. Everything from swimming, golf, fine dining and more is at this club.

Woodhaven Country Club Old Website
Woodhaven Country Club Old Website
Woodhaven Country Club current logo by outside contractor
Woodhaven Country Club current logo by outside contractor


Woodhaven had a outdated website that could not communicate their amenities and culture at the club. With new members needed for the club to grow and expand facilities a new one was required. Furthermore there was a need to aid in marketing and advertising of the club to raise awareness in the community. Thus to avoid the stigma that country clubs get with being to exclusive or expensive.


Moreover, Woodhaven Country Club initial agency could not meet the clubs needs for services. After reviewing their website and visiting the club. I began working with existing branding and colors to create a new dynamic site built on WordPress.

Finally combining WordPress with their CRM allowed them to integrate for a calendar. As well as other needs to grow their member lists. Using video in the spring of 2018 the website will under go the final transformation. This will be with flyovers using drones to show off the beautiful greens and pools. Therefore transforming the website with dynamic content to highlight their beautiful grounds.

Woodhaven Country Club Custom WordPress Websites | Web Design Louisville
Woodhaven Country Club New Website

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