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The Most Profound Thing I’ve Heard

There are a lot of lessons in life, and over the last 10 years I’ve learned a few, and still grind on others. No matter what decisions we make, we end up somewhere. Our best intentions are irrelevant. Direction – not intention – Determines Destination Profoundly simply and simply profound. I watched the movie again … Continue reading “The Most Profound Thing I’ve Heard”

Leadership training and how to lead better

There are a lot of leadership training courses, events, and seminars to attend to help us build up ourselves to be better leaders. I struggle to write this, not because I can’t, but because I sometimes I am my worst critic. But after reviewing my journey in leadership and working with others, I realize that … Continue reading “Leadership training and how to lead better”

4 Ways To Gauge When It’s Time To Take A Vacation

When you know it’s time to take a vacation and the signs to begin to plan it. Taking a vacation is not cheap, however your emotional and mental health demands that you do. I’ve worked since I was 19, and I admit that I am not the example of when it’s time to take a … Continue reading “4 Ways To Gauge When It’s Time To Take A Vacation”

4 Ways to increase employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction isn’t always the top of mind for companies. Creating more room for fixing revenue leaks sometimes gets more attention. This leaves behind your people that are helping you get to your goals. I’m not a HR person, but I have been a business owner, employee, and consultant for businesses. I’ve seen a lot … Continue reading “4 Ways to increase employee satisfaction”

How to get more web design clients

Every agency asks how to get more web design clients. But there’s a few reasons to examine why you’re not getting the customers you want. As well as enough work for your agencies designers. Do Great Work Doing great work goes with taking your time to think about design. Design is not bottled, and your … Continue reading “How to get more web design clients”