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Iterative Web Design

Iterative web design is growing as a new method for how a website performs for businesses. Especially with how potential, and existing, customers interact online with their brand. When someone asks, “how much does a website cost?” I tend to get the chills because it’s never a finished project. Websites are your 24/7/365 employee that … Continue reading “Iterative Web Design”

How Much Does A Website Cost?

It’s a common question, that a lot of bloggers have answered, but I still get asked. So Here’s my answer on how much a website costs. What is a conversion worth to you? If I build you a website and in 3 months you get 2 phone calls that lead to new business, then half … Continue reading “How Much Does A Website Cost?”

ADA Compliance, should you be concerned?

ADA Website Compliance is not new. Standards for this have been around since 1998. The main thinking is that you don’t need to do it for your website. Only if you are hiring a web designer or developer that writes compliant code. But are you adding content that has the proper tags for SEO and … Continue reading “ADA Compliance, should you be concerned?”

How to get more web design clients

Every agency asks how to get more web design clients. But there’s a few reasons to examine why you’re not getting the customers you want. As well as enough work for your agencies designers. Do Great Work Doing great work goes with taking your time to think about design. Design is not bottled, and your … Continue reading “How to get more web design clients”

WordPress 5.0 update for 2019

There’s a lot of discussion about the latest version of WordPress 5.0 since arriving last year. WordPress 5.0 contains the biggest change (not just an update) since it began in 2003 with the new Gutenberg editor. You can still use the classic editor as a plugin for the next year so there is some comfort … Continue reading “WordPress 5.0 update for 2019”