Top 7 SEO Checklist

Top 7 SEO Checklist

In Search Engine Optimization there are things changing every couple of months. So I’ve created my Top 7 SEO Checklist for your website.

It can start to feel like you are chasing a moving target. But there are some techniques that are timeless. Well, at least I’ve been using them since 2014 which is when Google rolled out Panda 4.0.

Delete Zombie Pages

You never want to publish content for the sake of doing it. It’s always quality over quantity. So when publishing it’s consistency. Find a day of the week that readers arrive, and publish that day.

But there are pages (or posts) that have no value because there is no traffic to them. Find those pages that don’t provide value. Old posts count, but also categories, and tags as well as pages.

Find posts that are not at least 800 to 1,089 words and review them. This is thin content. And if you have been blogging as long as I have, you can have possible duplicate content. Search result pages as well can be bad, so make sure those are not in your sitemap and crawled.

Clean up technical SEO issues

Find broken links, duplicate title tags, and more. Run a crawl and fix now. The order of your pages HTML tags, that is, h1 thru h6’s. Google see all the code on your site. So if you have poor code quality due to numerous changes made on your site without proper development. Get it checked and fixed.

There is simple tools online and I offer audit services to reveal what’s on your site that needs addressed. It’s a good idea to see what’s not working. Then you can see if you are possibly missing out on potential revenue.

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On page SEO

Find your top 10 pages that you are found for. Then find the pages that are 11 thru 20 and get to work on them. Add keywords to top of page at the beginning. Sprinkle in LSI keywords that are related as well in the content.

Optimize title and description tags

CTR is important signal. Find AdWords ads related to your topic. And use those keywords in your title and description tags. Avoid click bait terms and use those that are used in current ads.

Dwell time optimization

Time spent on the website. Longer time better ranking. Move content above the fold. Reduce gaps. Avoid giant images. Make introductions more sticky. First paragraph with minimal text. One sentence per paragraph or required for readability.

Site speed

Faster pages out rank slower ones. Gtmetrix will show potential issues. And server hosting problems. Aim for B grade or higher in performance and Yslow.

Sky scraper technique

Find great content in industry and create better content. And then create content that adds to that great content. Other site authors might give you a backlink if you are creating quality content. Also don’t cut costs on imagery on your site. Take time to choose the best quality. Don’t use only stock photos. Be sure to also include at least 1 piece of dynamic content. Video, gif, image to boost content readability.

If you need help with your search engine optimization for your website contact me for a quote today!

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