Video Game Superheroes – Nerd Brand

Video Game Superheroes – Nerd Brand

In this episode of Nerd Brand we discuss Deadpool marketing strategy. And how it made a $58 million dollar movie into $745.7 million worldwide. As well as video game superheroes.

We also bring up the brilliant strategy on Facebook that Arby’s has been implementing. Furthermore in this episode two of the Nerd Brand this week we’re talking social media timing and about video game superheroes.

nerd brand podcast video game superheroes

Ryan Reynolds spent time tweeting out stuff to his marketing team. Social media was used for marking Deadpool with gorilla marketing. Other brands such as Arbys
Facebook page is amazing. Because they love using their social media for marketing. But use their condiments, food, and more to show off their brand. As well as leverage the nerd culture to gain interest and a following.

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