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Custom Web Design is not the wow,
but the who

Custom Web Design should be more user centric. Both for your customers and you. A clearly crafted website communicates the priority of an organization.

Thus the cost of a website becomes not a one time purchase. But an ongoing investment in a relationship to provide your customers the best service or product.

Truesdell Custom Builders

Is About
The User

Metrics of Customers

From that perspective, your website should be included as part of an overall approach to systematic improvement. One good user experience can change the entire perception a customer holds towards your organization.

Custom Web Design today needs to be iterative. It’s design based on user centric data.

Custom WordPress Websites
Designed For Lead Acquisition

I’m a web developer that enjoys creating Custom WordPress Websites. I have been coding and doing custom web development for WordPress since 2008. As well as being your marketing hub, your website is your busiest employee.

33% Of

Search Engine Optimization

WordPress Powers 33% of sites

With 33% of sites using WordPress, it’s hard to not consider it to power your site. However, careful consideration to your theme and choice of plugins needs to be thought through.


Design and Decisions

That’s where I can step in and help. With over 50,000 plugins and themes in WordPress, not counting the commercial market, it’s daunting to decide wisely which you need. Let me do that, and build you a new website that is scalable and flexible to your needs.

Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.

Woodhaven Country Club Old Website
Woodhaven Country Club Old Website
Woodhaven Country Club Custom WordPress Websites | Web Design Louisville
Woodhaven Country Club New Website

Less DOES say more

Having volumes of web pages on your site doesn’t mean that you are helping your users. Nor are you increasing opportunities for leads.

I specialize in creating online strategies that increase opportunity with digital marketing, SEO, SEM.

As well as analyzing your sites user data to keep your audience engaged and on your site longer.

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