What is in a marketing retainer?

What is in a marketing retainer?

A marketing retainer can include various different services depending on your needs. Capabilities and experience are how agencies are judged. As well as it’s staff of marketers and successful campaigns.

Here is a summary of marketing services that are typically included in a marketing retainer. Although not exhaustive.

Media Planning and Management

Media planning involves taking a company’s advertising budget for a year and allocating it to the mediums and channels that provide the best results. This includes getting quotes from media vendors and negotiating rates. An agency that you contract with will provide this to you in their retainer fee as it can take weeks depending on the response between vendor and agency. So plan your campaign early.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the for-front of any modern marketing agencies strategy. Quality content drives traffic to your website using a variety of marketing channels and, more importantly, convert visitors to customers.

Traditional Advertising

Print is not dead. Traditional print advertising is still effective. Especially when the right message is paired with the right digital channel. Any agency should be able to help identify traditional platforms that still provide value. Furthermore, agencies should still be selling print with digital.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning 100% campaign focused thinking. Having a retainer based relationship allows contribution to more resources. This includes coming up with unique ideas and strategies that align with business goals. Creative campaigns and messaging help any company accomplish its marketing goals. But it all starts with strategic planning.

Website Conversion Optimization

An important role in helping to make a campaign successful is making sure a company’s website is operating in top form. With a data, and analytical focused approach, it can review a company’s website. Therefore look for places where potential leads and sales are being lost – and implement strategies to minimize these losses.

Reputation Management

Over 84% of online shoppers consider reviews into their purchase decision. With sales acquisition reviews become important for any business. An retainer service allows the resources to allocate team members to keep any eye out on social media channels. Thus review websites for negative commentary around a brand – and address as necessary. Deleting negative comments is not a strategy, and looks worse than the review. Manage not hide your errors.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of making changes to a company’s website monthly. This is in an effort to improve its organic ranking in search engines such as Google. This retainer is not the same as marketing, but can be included. Rewording content for targeted keywords and topics, reducing the amount of bad links on the site, making sure the website follows best standards in regards to mobile design – and so much more play a key role in this.

Paid Digital Marketing Campaigns

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns have become a way to allow companies to immediately position in specific searches on Google, but also allows very targeted advertising on various social media platforms. After  creating a media plan begin crafting targeted messaging and navigate the various channels to find the best return on investment.

Marketing is a continually evolving animal. If you have a marketing expert on your staff, or a few, use them. Brainstorm with them and take your time to find the best channels and solutions for your customers. This shows competency and compassion for your customers needs.

I've built brands and created online experiences since I started my own company in 2008 called Capstone Creations. Today I help business owners develop strategies that are geared for growth and conversion optimization using WordPress website development and design. I love digital strategy. If it's in advertising, I love participating building teams and guiding companies to discovering new avenues of revenue.

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